Why Ricky Hatton Can Beat Manny Pacquiao

Are we still intoxicated over Manny Pacquiao’s demolition of Oscar De La Hoya? Probably. Was it a great performance? Yes. Was it the kind of performance that should elevate Pacquiao to the level of Sugar Ray Robinson? No.

Maybe, it was just time. It was time for Oscar to get spanked and Pacquiao was in the right place. In boxing, fighters get old fast. And that’s what happened to Oscar. He got old all at once and Manny did a wonderful job exploiting it.

But this is what Manny will have in front of him when he faces Ricky Hatton — a young, strong, relentless fighter. Kind of like himself, right? The difference is that Hatton is naturally bigger. I expect to see two guys going toe-to-toe in this fight. Two guys who have always been crowd-pleasing fighters. After you wash away all the talk from their respective trainers about how much better their defense has gotten and how much better they’ve become at the art of boxing, they are still the same fighters. When the bell rings, they will fight and they will fight hard. They throw caution to the wind. It’s like Hatton has said, “Me and Manny don’t exactly tip-toe around the ring.”

It’s a dangerous fight for Pacquiao. The one thing he can’t change is that he is physically, the smaller guy, and when all else is equal, the victory usually goes to the bigger guy. It’s going to be a great fight and one that Hatton can certainly win.

Personal Boxing Notes

I am a Pacquiao fan myself but we should also see the other party. Do you think there is an advantage for Ricky Hatton that can make him win his fight with Manny Pacquiao? What are those? Is being bigger already enough?

11 thoughts on “Why Ricky Hatton Can Beat Manny Pacquiao

  1. one thing that you forgot man is that manny has better footwork and hand speed..

    hatton always come forward, that is his style, he will haunt you all through out the fight, while manny throw his punches from different location using his handspeed and magnificent side to side movement..

    here is my opinion.. the only way that hatton can win this fight is by a knockout.. hatton is naturally bigger and no doubt has better power than paquiao.. i dont think that he can outbox manny in the ring..with manny he needs to atleast show hatton his power in the early rounds in that way it will make hatton think twice in comming in..because he know that everytime he come forward he would have to face numerous punches comming from paquiao..

    i would say manny has the advantage against hatton in so manny things..but we cannot deny the fact that in boxing power will always be a threat in the ring..

    my prediction it’s a unanimous decision for paquio or a knockout in the 10th or 11th round

  2. Please check the tale of the tape. Manny is bigger than Hatton in almost all aspects except in height which by the way is 1/2 inch difference – hatton is taller by that much only.

  3. Yeah right, very well said admin. Diaz & Dela Hoya are bigger than Manny, yeah right but what happened to them? Do you know why Manny won over them? It was because Manny used his brain and he will use definitely used this again versus Hatton.

    Try looking for the Hatton-Mayweather vid on youtube. See how he got KO’d by FMJ. He’s like a raging bull into going to a red colored cloth then caught by FMJ’s fist.

  4. It wasn’t a toe-to-toe fight, it was a “Hatton’s-face-looking-at-Manny’s-toes” fight! I’ve seen other people better after getting hit by a two-by-four in the face. Not only was it a one-sided fight, it was a display of Hatton’s inability to adjust and think. But you know what? I blame it on Hatton’s corner, too. If you saw Mayweather Sr. talk before the fight, you’d think he was the Phil Jackson of boxing, giving his so-called “analysis” of Manny’s “predictability” and that he will bring about the destruction of the best P4P fighter in our generation. I mean, your fighter went down twice already in the first round after trying to a bull in a room full of china, then what do you say to him? Keep doing what you’re doing and keep going after Manny? He should have let the fight come to him for the first few rounds after going down twice, man. Feel it out. Then you know what is also the most interesting thing? After the fight, you can’t find Mayweather Sr. anywhere near Hatton! Talk about a rat leaving a sinking ship! Boooooooo!

  5. yah! admint your totally bias and looser hahaha… your so funny.
    your an impersonator boxing analyst you know why? your only look at the boxer on visual appearance. now i will tell you why manny pacquiao wins even in much bigger oponents.

    1. He has big heart – he fights like a street fight never look at the visual characteristic of opponent whether its big or small.

    2. He Uses his mind – he always use his mind and not too much emotion because if you use your emotion too much you cannot think wisely therefore the game plan always executed fluently.

    3. He Trust God 100% and give himself to god before the fight this is is the reason why he is no fear every time he fight in to every opponent. GOD.

    Now you know?……..

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