What differentiates Manny Pacquiao from other Champions

Manny Pacquiao achieved a lot of things as he is now, being able to be the first to wield eight world titles in eight different divisions and still wanting more. Manny like any other hero started as nothing, a poor boy who dreamed and turned that dream into reality. He started off as a nobody, but he shocked the world by his great performances. All eyes turned to him when he was able beat up one of the best fighters of his time, Oscar De La Hoya. Manny Pacquiao quickly rose to stardom, and with he didn’t stop there, he persevered more and more even after beating every opponent he faces in the ring. One good thing to note about Manny is the respect and compassion that he shows to his opponent before and even after the fight, we never even saw or heard him badmouth anyone. During his recent fight with Margarito, he even went to his opponent’s locker room just to check if Margarito really is ok, and he even apologized to Margarito’s wife. He is one of the cleanest fighter there is, thus earning him every ones recognition and respect. He is god fearing, we can all see him go in to the corner of the ring and pray before and after a fight, he never even misses a chance to go to any church wherever he is. He even gained the respect of the president of the most powerful country in the world, Barack Obama. Manny got invited to meet with the US president in person and talked about a lot of things excluding politics, they even had a picture as though they were boxing each other. He is the beacon of hope, despite having the odds against him at first, he managed to unite every Filipino and cheer for him because he believes that his fights glory will lift up and have all the Filipinos work and help each other even in times of tragedy. News even broke out that whenever Manny has a fight scheduled, crime almost anywhere goes down rapidly, as though the world stops for a reason.

He never backs down from a fight and Manny faces whoever is decided to be his opponent in the ring with utmost pride, showing great determination and confidence in his skills. Manny also has this unique ability to seek his own weakness and make sure that it doesn’t stay like that anymore, can you guys recall how he used to make us laugh with his English Carabao talk whenever he gets interviewed? Well not anymore, right? He admits that he wasn’t able to finish school when he was young because of poverty, but he didn’t give up there. Manny made arrangements so that he can still continue to study and gain himself a college degree. He shares his wealth to those in need, not to mention that he was even awarded by an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humanities by South western University for his humanitarian work. He’s enthusiasm to help the poor and give back to his homeland even led him to run for congress and which he finally won by the year 2010. Fame, Power, and Wealth, Manny has it all, but still he remained down to earth, the mark of a true champion.

Wisest move he ever made

Unlike the previous champs, Manny Pacquiao proved that he really is unique because he managed to invest for his future. He built a mansion, started setting up business, shops, and boutiques. He even had a special edition powerband named from him. Professionals saw this as a very wise move, because they have seen champions whom failed to do so and ended up as hotel greeters when their career ended. Stardom like in showbusiness doesn’t last forever so we ought to be careful not to be blinded by all the fancy things that we got as though it will never disappear.


Manny Pacquiao has had many outstanding achievements already, but we cannot deny the fact that he still is human, and he is growing older and older by the year. His mother Dionisia Dapidran-Pacquiao is against his boxing career always convinces him to retire and stop fighting anymore, she sometimes even fail to watch Manny’s fight because she cannot bear to watch her son get beaten up. Some think that its time to call it even and retire early, but Manny said that he will still continue to fight for the next three years and finally hang it up. Probably he feels that he still has the power to do something more, or maybe he is just waiting for one more big fight like the most anticipated Floyd Mayweather bout, of which quite on the rocks or has a 30-70% chance of possibly happening due to some reasons that Mayweather’s camp gives unreasonable demands for the fight to happen. Which the odds think is just an evasive action, maybe Floyd really is scared to have a dent on his precious 41-0 record. Well, life seemed pretty sorted out for him, he has a loving beautiful wife by his side, a sprawling mansion, businesses that can cover up all his living expenses for the future, recognition and respect from every people in the world, what more could he ask for? Probably he’d continue his political career even if he retires, because all of us know that he really loves to help the poor. He might still run for congress after his term or even run up for a higher position, he has proven the odds wrong when they said that he won’t be able to do anything for the country except bring home World Boxing Titles, but can he do it again? Will he still continue to unite every Filipino and make us learn that we can accomplish anything by giving it all we’ve got with no hesitation and with the sincerest intentions but to help the country rise up once more.

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