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On November 19, 2011, Saturday night Pacquiao vs Marquez will meet again inside the ring at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada. Pacquiao and Marquez show everything and give their best in the ring in their last fight way back in 2004 and 2009 the controversial issues of boxing history ever happened and that fight was the great fight compare to their first face off. In Some interviews of Marquez he said that their last fight was for him, because he screwed up in many rounds, and he said that he did not know what happened to the judges on that night, but obviously Pacquiao devastated him and knock him down 3 times, and that will be the reason why in 2009 Manny Pacquiao, won a split decision against Juan Manuel Marquez. This time Pacquiao vs Marquez fight this coming Saturday night will be the very exciting, hottest, entertaining, breath away taking fight, and the answers to who really won their last fight in 2009. After a long waiting for Juan Marquez to have the third time re-match against Manny Pacquiao, finally his chance is a day before they meet again.

We all know that Manny Pacquiao or called as “Pound for Pound King” in boxing Reigns his Victory all over the years, he proved us the Perseverance, the hard work, hard training, and a pure hearted boxer of all time. Manny Pacquiao’s Training is very different from his past training, every fight, training and preparations to his coming fight, Pacquiao shows that he is getting more on what he had before. Coach Freddie Roach proves that Pacquiao’s improved more and more in every fight that he had faced. He learned and he listened very well.

See this video:

were you can see the focus in training, you can see also his incredible insane footwork, matching with his powerful and devastating fast jobs ever. In this video as you watch this, what Manny Pacquiao shows here is what he will show us on that night. A boxer who enjoys, love the way he trained, love the way he fight, will lead him to what our “Pound for Pound King” Manny Pacquiao have now.

On the other hand Juan Manuel Marquez are definitely so focus and giving his very all power and courage in his preparations on the main event on November 19, 2011, The catch weight will be 144 pounds and he really needs to be on his foot and on his speed on that time. Marquez has a very difficult fight on his last fight with May Weather Jr. because of his weight, he cannot cope up with his opponents and he didn’t even make May Weather Jr. Hurt in their fight. But now Juan Manuel Marquez is focusing on his speed because he did add weight for him to match up with the weight of Manny Pacquiao. On his recent interviews, he trained very hard to give a good fight.
Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez have a lot of side comments and predictions, some are pro Pacquiao some are anti-Pacquiao, and some says that his will be the time that Pacquiao will be defeated by his long rivalry opponent. All of that are only opinions and predictions, but the point, is that every people in the whole wide world, even in the World Wide Web, are talking and watching about this coming event, and that they are waiting and already involve to what will happen on that fight.

A years of waiting for this third re-match to happen; now a lot had change, especially how they fight inside the ring. Pacquiao and Marquez have their differences in each other. Pacquiao has the ability to cope up in any catch weight, he can easily adjust, and he really maintain his speed and power whether he increase and decrease his weight, the footwork, the powerful punch, the speed is always there, Pacquiao is a good in long range and dangerous in a short distance fight. Marquez have the very hard jaw, their last fight shows that Marquez has the iron face, and he is a technical boxer. He is smart boxer, and on fight he will find the weakness and use it to win against his opponents.
At the MGM Grand Arena two professional boxers will clash inside the ring, one will defend his title, and one will prove that he is the one. For the people who will watch this fight live there are schedule for that day by HBO, the full coverage of the fight.

Friday on HBO (All Times EST)

6:00 – live coverage of weigh-in on HBO.
6:30- Face Off the Ring Life.
7:00- Replays of the first three episodes of “24/7”.
8:30- The final episode of “24/7”.
9:00- “24/7 Overtime”
Saturday on HBO Zone (All Times EST)

Starting at Noon EST up until 6 p.m., HBO Zone will offer a giant block of Pacquiao vs Marquez programming, including live coverage from the MGM Grand Lobby. And at 9 p.m. EST on HBO pay per view.
The man that will watch over Pacquiao vs Marquez inside the ring at MGM is none other than by Tony Weeks. He is one of the best men to watch over the fighter. Week does a great job in communicating with fighters, you can hear him warn blows fight with “Keep’ em up, baby”. He said that it’s all in the eyes. He looks fighters eyes to decide whether he will continue the fight or not, and if he notice that either Pacquiao or Marquez looking anywhere but at his opponent after a knockdown, he can probably end the fight. That means in every eye of the boxers you will see how long can he go through in the fight. The Pacquiao vs Marquez is the warm up for Manny Pacquiao to Floyd Mayweather Jr. and a big preparation for Mayweather Jr. to the “Pound for Pound King” Manny Pacqiuao. After the main event of November 19, 2011, all the questions for the past fight will be answer.

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