Wapakman Movie

The movie “Wapakman” starring Manny Pacquiao, Dave Batista, and Nicole Scherzinger is causing a global media buzz. In addition to the buzz, check out one of the movie’s first trailers because it’s hilarious.

Movie Summary:

The early word is that the film is a sci-fi, comedy kung-fu movie. Pacquiao plays the main character who develops super powers to fight his arch nemesis played by Batista.

This looks like something worthwhile to watch. More like a “Kung Fu Hussle”, “Shaolin Soccer” type of film. Which is GOOD! I’ve had enough with Philippine movies making drama and corny love stories. This looks like a good change.

2 thoughts on “Wapakman Movie

  1. Well what would you expect? Is this the quality of the Filipino Movie Industry today? Just because the person is famous through things other than movie making doesn’t mean that the person will make big in the BIG SCREEN! If the movie makers think that an abismal actor (Class E, (Ewan)) can make movies then I feel for those people…. Please see a psyciatrist! Please don’t get me wrong people, the guy IS TALENTED, but his talents are better put elsewhere and NOT IN MOVIES OR POLITICS…. DUDE WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE. Just because you are rich, doesn’t mean the you are capable to do anything…. You may be ABLE as you have the funding….. BUT YOU ARE FAR FROM CAPABLE (MENTALLY)! I would also like to add, please advise your mother the same thing… As she is NOT and NEVER WILL be on the same level as ANNABEL RAMA, as she seems to think…. With her “TALENT” and her “LOOKS” she deserves to be in the movies, but her role should be MOPPING FLOORS, WIPING WINDOWS, CLEANING TOILETS, WASHING PLATES… You get my drift… Please know where you stand! Just because you have money doesn’t mean that you are the best of the best in EVERYTHING….. Get your head straight if not get your head checked!

    – Just my 2 cents, to which I am legally entitled to….


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