Last Days of Preparation Pacquiao vs Mosley

For the last time in the Wild Card gym, Manny Pacquiao fight a spar for four rounds before going to Las Vegas to defend his World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title with Sugar Shane Mosley on May 7 (May 8) at MGM Grand Las Vegas. Pacquiao had spar two rounds each with Shawn Porter and Rey Beltran at the Wild Card gym. This time Freddie Roach wants a final touch in these remaining days. After the four rounds of sparring, Pacquiao vs Mosley will have his usual training the regimen and exercise before they drive 360-kilometer drive to Las Vegas. Shawn Porter was asked on how Pacquiao will manage and win the match. “I don’t make predictions but you know who I’m rooting for. God bless him and wishing him the best.” “(We’re) just really pushing each other, trying to keeping the excitement up, keeping the intensity up, keeping the energy up. Just trying to make it fun in there.” Porter said “I would say right now, right there, if not above where I last trained with him. He’s ready for the fight”, he added. Pacquiao’s training got harder and harder, he is probably on the toughest shape and toughest conditions. Even though he is not underestimation the old Mosley, Pacquiao said “ Ngayon talagang yung sakrispisyo natin matindi. ‘Di ko ina-underestimate si Mosley. ‘Di dapat magkaroon ng kumpiyansa” (I’ve really sacrificed a lot for this fight. I am not underestimating Mosley. I am not being overconfident for this match.) Pacquiao is being humble and true to us and to his self. The pressure is on his hand and on his shoulder, a lot of Filipino fans and not only Filipino but also different people in the world are expecting that he could defend and win this fight. Especially his wife and Mommy D or Mommy Dionisia is giving their full support to Pacquiao. Without asking Pacquiao we are wondering how further or how many fights is he want to aim for his boxing career? When he will stop his boxing career?

The two professional boxers will be giving each other the best fight ever and the fight that every boxers dream to happen. Pacquiao vs. Mosley fight give us some predictions especially now that the fight is in just days to happen. Some people are in favor for Pacquiao, because as we read the news, watched the video footage of intense training and preparations of Manny Pacquiao, we can honestly say that this fight training for Pacquiao is different from other boxer when it comes in training. Pacquiao have the great power, endurance, strength and most of all dedication and determination, every time that he is having training. Freddie Roach and Alex Ariza amaze and surprise every time they are having a training, because his coaches stops Pacquiao continues and wants more and more training. Team Pacquiao are sometimes worried about his insane training, because it may affects his conditioning and body. But Pacquiao doesn’t know or he doesn’t have in his dictionary the “tiredness”. We can say that every fight that Manny Pacquiao has he is not taking it too easy. He is not underestimating his opponent but still focused well on his training and prepared his self on his coming fight. Our Pound for Pound King say that he will do everything that he can and give a good fight on everyone.

Other are in favor of Sugar Shane Mosley, this coming fight or days to come the underdog Mosley on his 39yrs old will face Pacquiao and try to get the WBO welterweight title on Pacquiao. People say that even though on his age and being estimated by others, Mosley is probably not affected but yet he still doing his best to beat Pacquiao on the ring. Mosley the Pound for Pound King himself always say that he can knockout Pacquiao on the early round or in any round it maybe. He is determined that he can do it to Pacquiao. If he win maybe on that time will be that day people will forget his lose against May Weather Jr. And he probably got a chance to rematch against May Weather Jr. “He will give it all, no question about it. He will give it all because if by some miracle, he beats Pacquiao, a whole new world opens up. And that’s what every fighter wants,” Nathanielsz said. They say that Mosley have the Bad right hand and that will give the chance to knockout Pacquiao on the ring. We cannot say whose going to win this fight.

Even if the fight is on May 7, a lot of fights are offered to Our Pound for Pound King, Top Rank made an offer to Juan Manual Marquez for their 3rd fight or Long rivalry. That will be on October or November. Although Marquez’s contract on the Golden Boy Promotions will expired, it will still retain the right to match any offer to him until February 2012. Richard Schaefer the Golden Boy CEO said that he hasn’t made any decision yet on wether he would match the offer, and there is no to hurry because he has until May 17 to decide. “I’m going to think now about what I am going to do, “he said. “I am just going to think about it.” “A fight with Canelo Alvarez would be one, “Schaefer said of the kind of fight he could make that would be able to generate the money to pay Marquez. “The fight with Canelo Alvarez would be the one to consider. That’s the one. I don’t see anyone else.” “That is difficult, but not impossible,” he said. “Let’s assume that Marquez would beat Canelo, then I would have to offer him a fight against someone for $10 million. I would have to find that someone.” Top Rank’s Bob Arum, authorized his attorney to make an offer to Marquez and send to Golden Boy Promotions that they did not want to talk about the Pacquiao’s next opponent. “You take whatever Schaefer says as gospel, so we’ll leave it at that,” “We have no comment on whether we are offering a fight, which is absurd because Manny has very tough fight with Shane Mosley. Just carry on and listen to Schaefer all you want and write stories accordingly.” Said Bob Arum. Even though its kind a disrespect to Mosley for looking up the next fight for Pacquiao even if the fight is not yet done. “That’s fine,” Mosley said of the offer to Marquez. “Sometimes as business people you have to look to make the next fight and the next fight. I think that’s what makes Top Rank such a great promoter. That’s for them to think that way and not for me to think that way. I have to think about (Saturday) and take care of (Saturday).” And in what Mosley said about the issue he got something to show us on the tough fight on Saturday. We really need to watch this fight. This fight is so intense, suspense, excitement and toughest fight ever in 2011.