Manny Pacquiao’s Camp Predicts Victory vs Shane Mosley

A lot of news had been up recently on how well Manny Pacquiao is doing on his training for his May 7 fight against Shane Mosley at MGM Grand, Las Vegas Nevada – Pacquiao vs Mosley. The pound for pound king has shocked even Top Rank’s CEO Bob Arum on how conditioned he is at an early stage of his training, although despite the great news Manny still opted to train harder and harder to the point that Alex Ariza, Team Pacquiao’s second in command and Manny’s conditioning coach got worried about Manny overworking himself

“I am really worried that he’s pushing himself too hard. He needs to be extra careful.” Said Alex Ariza in reference to Manny Pacquiao’s performance, Manny sparred for a full 12 rounds last Saturday against welterweight opponents Shawn Porter, Raymund Beltran and David Rodela of which Shawn got full six rounds and the other two got three. “Pacquiao looks great, he is really focused on this and I don’t see this fight going more than five or six rounds. Manny has too much pressure, too much power. I have never seen him like this for a long time”, Added the conditioning guru in praise of Pacquiao’s determination to do more.
Meanwhile, another great name has been added to Manny Pacquiao Fans Club. The legendary comedian Don Rickles, whom decided to pay a visit at Wild Card Gym just to see Manny Pacquiao’s training first hand was made possible by his acquaintance Bob Arum. But during Don’s visit Arum was also astounded to see that Don still has it in him. “I think Don is about 84 now but he looks terrific. His mind is still sharp and he was doing insults. We stayed watching Manny work like an animal for two and a half hours. When we left, Manny was still working. Don has been around all the great fighters and he said he never saw anything like it.”

Another big guy and name that have decided to drop by at Wild Card Gym in order to see Manny Pacquiao’s training was Jalen Rose, Rose is the 6-foot-8 guard who played for Denver Indiana, Chicago, Toronto, New York and Phoenix from 1994-2006. Though he was too tall that he could barely touch the ceiling at his whim.“I am a big Manny Pacquiao fan” and he certainly proved in by requesting for him and Manny to have a picture taken with both of them posing like boxers, not to mention that it required Manny to stand on a wooden tool just to be levelled with Rose. Despite being a Manny Pacquiao fan, Rose failed to answer clearly whom he thinks would win the fight. “It’s a tough call to pick between him and Shane. Sugar Shane is a veteran. He asked for this fight and he got this fight, but I think Pacquiao has too much speed and too much power. I’m a big fan of both fighters though. It’s going to be a great fight.”

Other more celebrities whom dedicated some of their time to catch a glimpse of Manny Pacquiao’s training were Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Mickey Rourke, Jeremy Piven and Jessica Alba. The actor whom portrayed the role of the legendary boxer “Rocky” Sylvester Stallone also paid a visit in Manny’s home in Los Angeles, and Denzel Washington also sneaked in Manny’s dressing room in one of his matches.

Manny Pacquiao’s next fight to be set in October

Everyone was shocked when news came about Top Rank have already made negotiations for a Juan Manuel vs Manny Pacquiao fight after the May 7 fight with Shane Mosley. Richard Schaefer, Golden Boy Promotions CEO validated this and said that Top Rank has already made a written offer for Manuel Marquez to fight Manny Pacquiao for his welterweight title on a date to be determined in October if ever Manny defeats Shane Mosley on their upcoming match. And that a copy of it was also sent to their lawyer.

We all know that Manuel Marquez had been rooting for a third fight prior to his previous match with Manny which the first ended up in a draw and the second won by Manny via split decision on a one point basis. Last Friday, April 22, Top Rank made a firm offer to Juan Manuel Marquez to fight Manny Pacquiao in October for his WBO 147-pound belt. Part of the deal includes a rematch provision in case Marquez would win, so Pacquiao could potentially be tied up for quite awhile.” The written document also includes the financial terms of which how much is the guaranteed purse and the percentage of Marquez’s share will be over the pay-per-view profits.

“I have no comment on anything regarding Marquez. Obviously, Top Rank will have to live by these deal points they offered Marquez, so if any of these things would change – the date, the guaranteed money, the pay-per-view upside they would have to come back to us, because Golden Boy continues to hold the right of last refusal for Marquez’s next fight until the end of February 2012. I Think Top Rank sent us the offer because they know that we have these rights, these last negotiation rights. So they informed us that they had submitted that offer to Marquez. It’s the right thing to do. I don’t have a beef here with Top Rank whatsoever.” As Richard Schaefer said when asked about his opinion about the move made by their long time rival promotions company. Though he quickly followed it up with a rather fiery question that surely hit a spot on Top Rank. “I am a firm believer that when a fighter becomes a free agent and has certain rights or options that they explore those options. Top Rank did the right thing here. Assuming Top Rank lives by those deal points, so be it. But I don’t really understand it as it relates to the timing. What’s the urgency of locking in Pacquiao’s October fight before he has fought Mosley? I just find the timing strange that you would do that before a big promotion. Maybe Top Rank discounts Shane’s chances. Maybe they just feel it’s important to have that opponent lined up for Manny now.” Schaefer also said that it was quite weird that Marquez’s team had not informed them about the offer while Top Rank did firsthand. Let’s just wait and see if this fight will be sealed in order to settle the score between Manny Pacquiao and Manuel Marquez once and for all.