Pacquiao vs Mosley – Advantages of their Differences

Boxing is a combat sports in which two people fight each other using their fists for them to win. All boxers in the world have their Advantages and Differences, most of that are coming or being developed based on what trainings and on what did they have experienced in boxing fights. At May 7 in the MGM Grand Las Vegas.  Two great Boxers in the world will meet, Manny Pacqiuao and Shane Mosley.  From the Philippine Island we have Manny Pacqiuao who is the known “Pound for Pound King” of boxing is showing off 100% of his training. After the high Altitude Training in Baguio City, they went to Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood to continue’s his Training. Pacqiuao shows his dedications and determinations on his training even though he’s having his flu, the long travel, Bagiuo to Manila, and then Manila to LA. Jetlags and tiredness won’t stop him from keeping his training better and keeping it with passion. He has a time to have moment with his fans. Manny Pacqiuao’s chief trainer Freddie Roach is flying to England to have an eye to Amir Khan who is preparing for his coming fight. Roach is calm and confident that he is leaving the training with Team Pacqiuao without hesitation because Pacqiauo is showing somehow 100% complete and ready for fight with Mosley. They surely maintain the training even if without the presence of the great coach Freddie Roach. Fernandez who’s the eye of Roach in Manny Pacqiuao’s training recommend to maintain the eight rounds of sparring. He said that “it’s still early to add more rounds. We have four weeks to prepare so we’ll just maintain it”. He also said that “I still watch Mosley’s fights on video almost every night so I can study what he does best and what he doesn’t”. Four weeks of training is definitely longtime way for us to wait and watch the fight Pacqiuao vs Mosley.

Advantages and Difference of Manny Pacqiuao with Shane Mosley. Manny Pacqiuao fight is a boxer that has a potential of changing skills and styles on the ring when the fight is going on.  Manny Paciquao is a boxer puncher that is well rounded; he fights at close range with techniques and power. He has the ability to knock out his opponent in just one powerful punch. He can give a lot of jab with one two combinations with consistent speed. Pacqiuao can be classified his style of fighting as a Boxer Puncher. If Mosley likes to fight with Manny Pacqiuao at close range, one of them might be knockout in a single shot. Compare to Mosley, Manny Pacqiuao has 13 straight winning fight since 2005, and he have the momentum of being the champions or being victorious, but still a pressure for him because he have to stand and defend his title. While Mosley whose been defeated by May Weather has the eager to win and the confidence to fight with Manny Pacqiuao. The Speed of Manny Pacqiuao’s is definitely insane. In the age of 32 he can barely take and overcome the hard training. Pacqiuao is a phenomenal boxer who can easily punch with speed and power that aims throught the face and body of his opponent. He can last his power and speed until the end of the fight, and at age of 39 turning 40, Mosley precisely have the speed of the boxer and its right and good for him.  Pacqiuao range is 67 inches, while Sugar Shane Mosley has 74 inches and 7 inches difference with Pacqiuao.  When it comes to the power punches of the two. Pacqiuao has the ability to throw a lot of one two combinations and jab with deadly speed; he can put a right hook combined with his one two punch followed by his left cross punch that can affect or stuns his opponents. And Sugar Shane Mosley is also a Boxer Puncher like Manny Pacqiuao. But the differences are; Mosley has the defense will he’s giving very good job. He can be on a short or a long range fighting, he is physically fit and strong boxer. He can land 24%-27% of his punch, he has good hands speed. His dangerous punch will come at the right. Based on the training of the two boxers that will meet this May 7 at MGM Grand Las Vegas, both of them have their own strategies, styles and different training. On Manny Pacqiuao’s Training Pacqiuao have been doing Shadow boxing, working with big bag, double end and speed balls. All of that improves his Physical body; it improves his footwork and hand speed. Gain weight for heavy punch. Manny Pacqiuao is a boxer that is pure of determinations and perseverance that make him much and more strong after and before the fight. He is pure hearted person. He plays with and enjoys boxing with all of his heart. But on Sugar Shane Mosley Training there is no video footage that can show how hard and what can of training he is been doing at the Big Bear Camp. I think Team Mosley’s keep their training private for the best result of the fight and for them not to show how Mosley moves and mingle in Training. It is one of his advantages for Manny Pacqiuao.  That he can train without video. And he can watch and see how Manny Pacqiuao moves on training and how hard he trained on training. We all know that almost every day or every other day there is new news for our “Pound of Pound King”. And because of that Mosley can easily change and add strategies. And that will come up with good results. With some interviews of Mosley, they want a Knock out Victory against Manny Pacqiuao, and that maybe on round one, or just in any round. And for him a Victory for him this coming fight is to knock out Manny Paciquao. It shows how Mosley determinations to beat Manny Pacqiuao. But on other hand Manny Pacqiuao 100% prepared for fight and he is ready any moment. If the fight is tomorrow, he will say yes fight. Advantages of the two shows that they have the key to win this fight and differences of Manny Pacqiuao and Shane Mosley shows that this fight will be very exciting, very tough fight ever.

After the fight on May 7 will be the answer of the question “Manny Pacqiuao vs. Floyd May Weather Jr.?”  Years, Days, months are passing through this issue, but there are no answers if this fight will come true. Many articles said that this fight is nothing. That that fights Floyd May Weather Jr. vs. Manny Pacqiuao is only for a dream and it’s impossible. Because on the both sides there are having different reasons to declined the fights. Specially Floyd May Weather Jr. he is a man with a thousand reasons not to fight with Manny Pacqiuao. That he wants a random Blood Testing.  That Manny Pacquiao is on drugs when he fights. The big bait Issues.  But Manny Pacqiuao answers all of that and proves that he is not like what May Weather Jr. Thinking of him. A true fighter is not on the Money offered; it’s not on the money that is deal with. It is on you to decide and to let know the world that who is the best.  We can only prove that it’s not on the record that you are called the “Pound for Pound King” but it is on the fight you had faced and experience.