Pacquiao vs Bradley

Is Bradley deserves to be the next opponent of Pacqiuao or would that be Mayweather Jr?

Pacquiao seems to be the world’s number 1 choice boxer in boxing history right now, but some people say who deserves to be the one, or who’s the man in the ring that can make the crowd excitement, intense and breath away taking moment when they clash with Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley? For everyone, every opponent or next challenger of Pacquiao deserves to Pacquiao, why? It is because they make their own way to line and match up against our Pound for Pound King, a lot of them have their different experience, a lot of hard work and training, and they sacrifice all for that to happen. Pacquiao vs Bradley will happen June 9 at the MGM Grand Arena at Las Vegas Nevada. With a 28-0, 12KO’s Bradley got the feeling that he can make it, that he can win against Pacquiao. He said that “I saw what happened to Marquez in their last fight, I’m definitely shooting for a knockout.” He also added “Number one, I’m not afraid of him. These guys have lost (the fight) before they even get in the ring with him. There isn’t anything about Manny Pacquiao that scares me, “His confidence , fearlessness and braveness is the key for him to defeat Pacquiao, but the question in our mind is “Can he absorb and handle the Punches that he will receive against Pacquiao?” well if that so, he can win against Manny Pacquiao, we know what kind of boxers is our Pound for Pound King, He can fight close range and toe to toe. He also can adjust the situation whether it is favor or in favor to him. We also know that every fight that he had, we definitely give his all. For Bradley being the WBO Jr. Welterweight Champion with no loss, he definitely feels like he will add one on his winning streak. In that kind of feeling Bradley assure that whatever happens win or lose him will stay who he is right now.

Pacquiao is one of boxers who try to out-punch his opponents, He’s insane fast and definitely a good hard puncher, and in time he will hit you clean and make you beat down. Pacquiao vs Bradley is one of the most awaited fight this year. Every boxer before their fight or after their media conference or the announcement of the fight, both sides are planning for their Trainings and Preparations for the fight.
Pacquiao told the media man that he is going to have 8 weeks of training just like the old times or old routine, 3 weeks in Baguio with high-altitude training that practically build him up. And the 5 weeks is going to be in the Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles. This is always the routine that makes him strong and remains his speed power and the conditioning of his body. Pacquiao only one problems when they fight inside the ring, it is the “Head Butt” because of they love to fight toe to toe, and because Pacquiao is a south paw, it’s possible that head butt of Bradley will be the number one problem of our Pound for Pound King; he said that he is looking forward to dodge it. He also added that this fight will be a good fight; he is not taking Bradley as an easy opponent. He is taking it more seriously and it’s because of he is undefeated and young boxer that first time that he is going to face.

Last March 4 2012, news buzz in the boxing sports and in the whole world that he finally admits it that he really don’t like to fight Manny Pacquiao. Who’s the one who say that? Of course he is known as the Million Dollar Baby or the Undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. Finally we don’t need to push those Pacquiao vs Mayweather Jr. Because Floyd Mayweather Jr. admitted to Bob Costas in NBC show that he doesn’t want to fight Pacquiao. “I am in the game to win, not just inside the ring, but outside the ring, ““My health is more important than anything.” Costas then asked that “Are you implying there is something to fear in Manny Pacquiao?” Floyd replied “I don’t fear no one. If you are insinuating that I’m a scared fighter, why would you want to watch a scared fighter?” he also mentioned about the Muhammad Ali’s health. “With or without Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather is okay. Floyd Mayweather fights for Floyd Mayweather. At the end of the day, Floyd Mayweather has to be happy and comportable…Look at Ali situation. Fans Pushed him to get into fights at the end of his career that he didn’t want to get in.. If Ali could trade it all for his health, he would.” Ali is now experiencing the Parkston Disease which is the sickness of the boxer, wherein your body moves slow your mind, and sometimes it shakes, and it is because of the punches that you may received on your opponents. Sometimes boxers do absorb the punches but they still fight and they don’t even know that his brain is taking up to much pain and blood forming inside that some boxers really suffers and dies. That is the thing that Mayweather Jr. is afraid of. But for all those who are really have eyes on Pacquiao and Mayweather they will say, he really means it, he knows it for a years of reasoning, it just that Mayweather have his mouth , reasoning’s and alibis when it comes to Pacquiao. We know that Mayweather is a very good defensive boxer and offensive, he can throw punch and even though the situation is favor to his opponents, he can manipulate it and reverse the situation, but only one thing he cannot, is that he cannot absorb the punches of Pacquiao. Though he is good in defense he knows it, one thing for sure, one punch of Pacquiao can make him down.

Now it’s the time to throw your towel, because it will not be happen anymore, it is just a dream. Only a dream, let just let it go and face the future, and watch Pacquiao vs. Bradley on June 9 at MGM Grand Arena Las Vegas Nevada. That fight will be the most memorable for Bradley for sure, let just wait and watch, we don’t need to judge that fight on our hands we just need to wait.:D