Mayweather Is The Best, Not Manny Pacquiao

While most of the boxing world views Manny Pacquiao as the best boxer in the world, Juan Manuel Marquez is not one of them. Marquez considers Floyd Mayweather Jr. as the best fighter in boxing. He faces Mayweather on July 18 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Marquez is convinced that he beat Pacquiao in 2004, when they fought to a draw, and in 2008, when Pacquiao won a close split-decision.

“In my opinion Floyd is No.1,” Marquez was quoted as saying by Yahoo Sports . “He is still unbeaten and still No.1. Pacquiao has never truly beaten me, I feel that in my heart. I want to fight the best and that is why I wanted to fight Floyd.”


Mayweather vs Marquez takes place at the catch-weight of 144-pounds. Marquez says that a good game plan has been drawn out to beat Mayweather.

“I have already got a good game plan for Mayweather, and I am building a lot of muscle,” Marquez said. “I am working out lifting different rocks and to get my body ready for the fight because strength will be one of the keys this time and I am confident I will be able to match him.

“Floyd has a very different style and he is harder to hit than Pacquiao. But we are working on different combinations so I can land punches and break through that defense.”

My Personal Notes

Marquez seems to be suffering from denial and can’t accept the fact that Manny Pacquiao have beaten him. Though good fighters considers defeat as being knocked out, he wasn’t knocked out on his fight with Pacquiao, only decision. Maybe that is why he is behaving that way. Since, he’ll be fighting against the “former best” in boxing generation, lets see how he does.

What are your thoughts? You think Manny Pacquiao is not really the best? Do you think Marquez can beat Mayweather?