Shane Mosley Revved Up vs Manny Pacquiao

Three weeks before the most anticipated clash of Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley at MGM Grand Las Vegas Nevada, Shane expresses how excited he is using the popular Social Networking Site Twitter. The former world champion tweeted “I tumingin forward sa magandang malinis na laban” a few days ago, which means that he is looking forward to a good and clean fight. Mosley then followed it up by another recent tweet of “Ako excited,” meaning he is excited. Shane Mosley has about 41,121 followers on twitter while Manny Pacquiao whom discarded his CongMP Twitter account due to some issues and switched to his Twitter verified account has 33,339 followers. Manny Pacquiao also finds time to tweet whenever he is free from training, Manny’s recent tweet includes “Today I will hit Buboy’s belly while Freddue is away.”

Twitter has really been of much help to those famous personalities and fans, for it helps them get in touch with each other and let them know what their idols are up to. Mosley on the other hand used this as a medium to let the Filipinos know that he isn’t a bad person, not to mention that he sought time despite being busy on his preparation for the upcoming fight just to tweet “Pag-papadala ibig at pag-galang sa mga tao sa Pilipinas”, which means Here’s love and respect to the people of the Philippines. Shane Mosley also tweeted “Hindi ko nais maliitin ng isang mandirigma Filipino ako igalang ang kanilang espiritu”, I don’t want to belittle the Filipino warrior. These words of Mosley certainly changed how Filipinos see him as a fighter because one of his last tweets includes “Filipino fans gave me lots of love today”, and followed by updates of how his training is going through.

Shane Mosley truly made a unique and new approach just to assure his opponents countrymen that he will give them a good and clean fight, and that he doesn’t want any unnecessary conflicts or issues, that he has good intentions and just want to fight for the sake of showing everyone that he still has what it takes to perform well inside the ring regardless of whom his opponent is. With such good intentions Shane successfully gained sympathy amongst the Filipinos, he also revealed that it was through his publicist Suzanne Summerville whom was a Filipina that he was able to translate all those statements in Filipino. No one can tell how long this Twitter craze will last, but one thing is for sure, every Filipino should be proud to have an American speak our language just to show respect and recognition to every Filipino.

Freddie Roach wants Amir Khan – Manny Pacquiao showdown

Current WBA 140-pound champion Amir Khan, has previously stated that he won’t be fighting his friend and mentor Manny Pacquiao for any personal reason. However Freddie Roach of whom is the trainer of the two quoted that he would love to see the two go toe to toe inside the ring.

“I want Amir to unify the light-welterweight division by taking on WBC and WBO champion Timothy Bradley, then I want him to move up to 147 and take on the big guys for big money. That’s the plan we are working on. I know Tim Bradley well and he is one hell of a fighter, but I would put Amir in with him tomorrow. Their fight will determine who is the best at 140-pounds and then the winner should go on to 147 and take on Manny Pacquiao. That is my feeling.” If Tim Bradley wins the fight, he might have a really good chance of landing a match with the pound for pound king for he has an unbeaten record and Manny Pacquiao has a habit of breaking such prestigious records. But if Khan won, I’m not sure if he already has what it takes to go on equal footing with Pacquiao, besides we are not even sure if he would really like to have this fight commence. He clearly announced that he has too much respect for Manny to fight him, it is just Freddie Roach and Golden Boy Promotions chief Oscar De La Hoya who insists on arranging such fight.

The former world champion turned promoter expressed much admiration over Amir Khan, “He’s going to be one of the very best”. De La Hoya whom had the rising superstar boxer Amir Khan on a long term lock of contract said that he sees great potential in Amir Khan, that we will be able to do more. “We’re going to be able to call him great in the near future because he’s going at a pace where he wants to fight everybody, he wants to unify the titles. I’ve said this before and I see some of myself in him – he can be Britain’s Golden Boy”. Having been able to defend his title against his previous fight with Paul McCloskey, Amir Khan have proved these admirations worth it. He has the ability, passion, desire to win, and thirst for recognition, things that are needed to become a champion. Although he still haven’t made a statement regarding on how he stands to have a future match with Manny Pacquiao, his promoter De La Hoya already said that he would love to arrange such fight, for it would be a great chance to show Amir Khans true potential to the whole world. But before that Amir must first defeat Tim Bradley in their upcoming fight.

Amir Khan currently on his training for the Tim Bradley fight said “Bradley is a tough guy and a tough opponent, I would look forward to the challenge of fighting him and coming up with the perfect game plan to beat him and unify the 140-ouns division. After that we’ll go up to 147 and fight one of the big guys for big money, Pacquiao and those type of guys”. So before we jump to any conclusions let’s just wait and see if Amir Khan can destroy his biggest obstacle whom is Bradley, and Manny Pacquiao would triumph over Shane Mosley.

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