Mayweather Is The Best, Not Manny Pacquiao

While most of the boxing world views Manny Pacquiao as the best boxer in the world, Juan Manuel Marquez is not one of them. Marquez considers Floyd Mayweather Jr. as the best fighter in boxing. He faces Mayweather on July 18 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Marquez is convinced that he beat Pacquiao in 2004, when they fought to a draw, and in 2008, when Pacquiao won a close split-decision.

“In my opinion Floyd is No.1,” Marquez was quoted as saying by Yahoo Sports . “He is still unbeaten and still No.1. Pacquiao has never truly beaten me, I feel that in my heart. I want to fight the best and that is why I wanted to fight Floyd.”


Mayweather vs Marquez takes place at the catch-weight of 144-pounds. Marquez says that a good game plan has been drawn out to beat Mayweather.

“I have already got a good game plan for Mayweather, and I am building a lot of muscle,” Marquez said. “I am working out lifting different rocks and to get my body ready for the fight because strength will be one of the keys this time and I am confident I will be able to match him.

“Floyd has a very different style and he is harder to hit than Pacquiao. But we are working on different combinations so I can land punches and break through that defense.”

My Personal Notes

Marquez seems to be suffering from denial and can’t accept the fact that Manny Pacquiao have beaten him. Though good fighters considers defeat as being knocked out, he wasn’t knocked out on his fight with Pacquiao, only decision. Maybe that is why he is behaving that way. Since, he’ll be fighting against the “former best” in boxing generation, lets see how he does.

What are your thoughts? You think Manny Pacquiao is not really the best? Do you think Marquez can beat Mayweather?

26 thoughts on “Mayweather Is The Best, Not Manny Pacquiao

  1. Do you really think that Marquez was sincere when he said Mayweather is the best, not pacquiao? He only said that 1) to spite pacquiao; 2) to bait Pacquiao into a 3rd fight. I am not the first to say this; it has been widely speculated. But now marquez has to face mayweather. If he beats him, he will be in for the battle of his life. Pacquiao is now much stronger and better than when they met the first two times. Pacquiao now has a potent right hand, the hand that almost KO’d hatton in the first round. Marquez hit Pacquiao solidly in the first two fight but couldn’t take him down. Marquez, I think, will regret stalking Pacquiao.

  2. Marquez is a frustrated boxer, on Pacquiao-Marquez first fight Manny won that fight not a draw as the whole world knew it (it’s a judge error). It is clearly on their 2nd rematch he lost again. On Mayweather vs Marquez fight i will not watch for it just because Mayweather 100% will win as I had said “Marquez is a Frustrated Dreamer”.

  3. Lito, its funny. But I guess its true. Though, I will still not count marquez out of the equation. He did, put up a good fight with pacquiao and continue until the end of the round.

  4. i agee that marquez is really a good fighter.but not good as manny pacquiao.marquez should accept the fact that he loss for manny.i have reviewed all his fight for manny i don’t see any angle that he would win.i suggest to marquez beat first mayweather then he could talk..

  5. Gemo Nieva, yes i agree wit hyou let see what marquez is going to do on july 18th… Pacquaio is right now the best fighter I hope there is going to have a meet with Mayweather and I can’t wait to see Pacquaio knock him down…

  6. Hey, Heś an idiot, if you will just listen on his yipyap it doens’t make sense at all..


  8. marquez and pacquiao are both great fighters in boxing.but in their 1st and 2nd fight i can see it clearly that pacquiao is much better,not like marquez that just can’t accept his l0ss,and speaking words that’s n0t good against manny.that’s not a kind of a good fighter.manny did’nt say anything bad because all he thinks first is to train hard for the sake of his family,not to be a bully like’s just sports,accept it in your heart!

  9. hey you,arm0ur engot!what f you were marquez,maybe just a sec0nd only,you will be kn0ck shut up your m0uth,just wait the chance for the fight between pacman vs marquez3.

  10. armour, my guess would be that, pacman is already a bigshot now. So he aims to fight better fighters that would get more $. Manny is the man right now so Marquez should fall in line like the rest.

  11. if mayweather knockdown marquez three times in one round
    then mayweather is strong puncher or mayweather will
    knockout marquez then he prove he is strong puncher
    than pacman,but if not you marquez is a liar.what else
    you want to prove that pacman is a strong puncher than
    anybody else? de la hoya went to hospital for check up
    what damage did pacman do,and hatton the same thing,
    is it not enough for you to prove that pacman is strong
    puncher than anybody else?even you,marquez you knock
    down four times in two fights the evidence of being a
    powerful fist that landed on face you deny it. do the best you
    can to beat mayweather so you will see what next for again.

  12. Manny pacquiao should not retire until he defeated all the best boxer on his weight level. He should collect all the tittles in boxing for the neme of the philippines.
    I know pacquiao can do it, because he is the best boxer I’ve ever known..

  13. Most boxers are good in words. Mayweather is very good at that. He is very good in mouthing the opponents with harsh words. Pacman is silent but dangerous. Pacman will knock him in less than 5 rounds. He will kiss the floor goodbye!… and again retire!!!

    One more prediction… If Marquez will fight Pacquiao again…, Pacman will end Marq’z career for good. Marquez is a kind of boxer who will throw you a lot of words, cannot accept the fact that he’s been defeated by Pacman, simply to cover up the “four embarrassing knock outs” I think he should seal his mouth with a vulca-seal… that will solve his problem. He has nothing to prove against Pacman, I think he should retire.

  14. PACQUIAO #1. Marquez is just a sore loser!. I used to like him but now his annoying cry baby. Idiot. Gayweather wants to mouth off but did he call out Pacquiao? of course not because he knows the PACMAN has something for his ass. All the crap he was doing at Marquez fight… well he wont be able to do all that with Pacquiao…..he’ll get one of those pinoy combinations, he’ll be like…WTF???>>>


  15. Will Mayweather is the best for all his opponent but not for
    Manny. As what he said that he spit a chicken bone from his mouth and Manny catch it the problem now he can’t get that bone anymore. Mayweather just wait for your turn you taste
    Pacman fist.

  16. Well.. to me marquez is a desperated lousy boxer.And he’s a looser he can’t accept the fact that he can’t be like PACMAN.In his heart he thinks he won he said, so he’s the one only thinks of it.And about Mayweather he’s a duck loves to quack quack! And afraid of Cotto.Well, cotto is real fighter than Mayweather and Marquez is no match to Pacquiao he’s just desperated probably already runs out of money.He’s not contented he many times kissed the canvass.They had a fight in the 3rd time so what happend. What’s changed?more power to PACMAN and wish you more wins to come.And grats to all Filipinos… goodluck for PACMAN to his coming fight.

  17. Mr Marquez, you have been beaten by the pacman, and all those boxer you cannot beat, he floored it including you, you might be assuming this because you have a shot to mayweather. but now, you loose to mayweather, tell me do you think he’s still no 1, we will see this in coming months when your idol mayweather will also kiss the canvas as you kiss it. just admit it you don’t have anymore chance to pacquiao. and start learning to speak english.

  18. MARQUEZ, MARQUEZ, MARQUEZ… When will you learn?? The way the PACMAN went up in weight to beat bigger fighters is something you can’t do. Once PACMAN beat Mayweather, you might get another chance, but I believe that PACMAN will take you out within 3 rounds. Drink whatever you like, PACMAN will even let you drink his own urine. If it wasn’t for a bad judge, you would have lost twice.

  19. I think Pacquiao is a great fighter. But i dont blame Marquez for feeling he got robbed. He literally schooled Pacman right throughout the fights.
    And Mayweather is miles ahead of both of them. Sorry. That is the reality. I dont let some personal dislike of Mayweather get in the way of seeing him for the genius he is

  20. Marquez, you know you lost and Pacman beat you and that was it, we dont really care what you think. You were beaten by Mayweather too…so what else can you say, youre done. Youre a good fighter but not the Best.
    Mayweather, you are a good fighter, you have never been beaten and had never tasted agony of defeat…and we know you are scared, who wont be? But you are a great fighter as you claim you are, so quit talking trash (you are not Mohammed Ali anyway, quit doing what he does) Fight the World P4P King and show the world who is the Best. Enough talk we are tired of hearing what your gonna say, just Shut the F_ _ K up and “try” to beat the crop of Manny Pacman, that is if your Man enough…You are my “Champ”, but since I see how you deal with “Fear” I lost confidence in you.

  21. right now,mayweather vs pacquiao is what the world wants. another pacman bout with marquez is nonsense. The pacman is in his peak and promoters + commissioning bodies also think its not agood idea. Marquez will go on retirement after another fight with pacquiao. His fight with mayweather is not credible enough to prove he can square again with pacquiao. I believe marquez will not pass on the welterweights. I also believe that mayweather should go to the supermiddleweights to avoid shame losing his unfamous 40-0 to smaller man on the welterweights.

  22. manny for me is the best of all the fighter ive ever known.Its because manny is a brave man not like to some other boxer and you all know who he is.Some other boxer just good on trash talking an yet they cannot prove to the people all over the world unlike manny whatever who is his opponent no trash talk at all and he always respect to his opponent and always focus to his traning……mabuhay ka manny…give always your best.

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