Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley, The Battle has Already Begun

With barely three weeks before the much awaited Pacquiao vs Mosley fight which will be held at MGM Grand Las Vegas, Nevada, the participants are pumped up and at their best condition ever. Tension rises as it was already officially announced by Top Ranks CEO, Bob Arum that tickets were already sold out and none to be had anymore. It was a “legitimate sell out” as Arum likes to call it.

But what makes things more interesting and exciting is how Shane Mosley has been giving of statements of how he will beat Manny Pacquiao, how he has the upper hand, and that he won’t win by points but a Knock Out rather. Shane Mosley has had high respects for Manny and his camp for giving him the chance to fight him for a title match, but that respect didn’t last long. After only a few months since the fight was officially sealed, Mosley had a change of tone, he started giving off sarcastic statements and sometimes even insults pertaining to Manny Pacquiao himself.

Mosley started off with him being not an easy win like everybody says, that he will be able to give Manny Pacquiao vs Mosley a hard fight. But unsatisfied he then gave another statement that he will beat Manny Pacquiao, which others think as a defense mechanism triggered by unanimous claims of him being the underdog of this fight. To make things more absurd and complicated, Mosley turned to Manny Pacquiao, saying that his previous win over the recent Antonio Margarito fight shouldn’t even be considered a win because he failed to Knock Maragarito Out. That for him, the only way of winning is by a Knock Out, and that he will Knock Out Manny Pacquiao on their upcoming fight. He also noted that Manny has never faced someone like him before, that he has the power and speed, plus contrary to what the odds say, his age won’t be of a hindrance because he still feels good about himself and his performance is still at top rate. Mosley made his recent statement while having an open work out at Big Bear California last Tuesday, saying that he has the advantages over Manny Pacquiao and that he will beat him. “I have all the advantages, I’m the bigger man, I’m the fastest guy he’s fought. I have a longer reach. Everything is working in my favor. I just have to make sure I’m 100 percent. I can’t sit back and say I have all these advantages and not work on them. That’s what I’m doing; working on them.” As though ensuring everyone that he will hone those asset to their fullest form in order to be used for his upcoming match with Manny Pacqiuao at May 7th.

Manny Pacquiao who’s currently training at Wild Card Gym even with the absence of his coach and trainer Freddie Roach continues to work hard and makes sure that they do everything that Freddie Roach left them. Freddie Roach left the training camp in order to be at the corner of Amir Khan during his fight with the British champion Paul Mcloskey this weekend. Manny Pacquiao though assures everyone that they aren’t slacking off while Roach is gone “Gaya parin ng dati, tuloy-tuloy ang ensayo even without Freddie. Although pahirap nang pahirap ang training, parang madali rin kasi Masaya kaming lahat dito. There really is no substitute for happiness. Kapag Masaya, gumagaan ang trabaho. At pag magaan ang trabaho, nagagawa lahat ng dapat gawin, so far there’s been no major hitches. Everything is going well.” As Manny notes that his camp can endure even the hardest training as long as they are happy and when they are happy, they can accomplish everything that needs to be done.

Manny Pacquiao perhaps being fed up with Mosley doing all the talking decided to give a statement himself. He first commented on Mosley saying that he is “Hittable”. “Let’s see if he can hit me. If he does, then he better make sure I won’t be able to stand up.” As Manny said in a threatening manner and followed it up with another statement “Sure, I am hittable, but his problem would be tatama ba siya? May inihanda na kaming game plan ni Freddie Roach at ito ang pinagtutuunan naming ng pansin ngayon at sa mga susunod pang lingo bago dumating ang laban.” Which translates as “Sure I am hittable, but his problem would be if he can hit me? Freddie Roach and I already prepared a game plan and we are working on it and we will continue to work on it for a couple more weeks before the fight starts.”

To give more emphasis to this strategy, Manny assured everyone that it was nothing like any strategies they have used throughout his entire 10 year career in Boxing. “Of course ibang taktika naman ang gagamitin naming ngayon. Malaki ang kaibahan kaysa ginamit namin nung mga nakaraang laban ko. I have been fighting different fighters with different styles the past 10 years and I never used the same style in each of those fights. We will just suprise him in the same manner na sinorpresa din naming si Oscar DeLa Hoya, Miguel Cotto, Joshua Clottey, Antonio Margarito at iba pang nauna sa kanila (We will surprise him in the same manner of how we surprised Oscar Dela Hoya, Miguel Cotto, Joshua Clottey, Antonio Margarito, and those who came before them). Will this secret strategy that Pacquiao is talking about really be enough to make a fool out of Shane Mosley during their fight? Well, we’ll just have to see for ourselves, but one thing is for sure, we just found another reason that will certainly make this fight worth the watch.

Manny Pacquiao remains as crowd favorite even amongst the americans

Manny Pacquiao remains as the favourite among Shane Mosley, in a recent interview Former Los Angeles Lakers cager, and NBA Legend AC Green said that he thinks Manny Pacquiao would win the upcoming fight. The NBA Legend clearly answered “Manny should be able to beat him. I think he will win”, after being asked the question of who he thinks will win the fight. Green said that he has watched both Pacquiao and Mosley on their previous fights but he wouldn’t deny the fact that he likes Pacquiao vs Mosley. “You root for whoever is your favourite or who you think is gonna win. I don’t think where they come from matters,” as explanation for him favouring Pacquiao over his own countrymen Mosley.

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