Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley – 2 Weeks Left

With tickets all sold out and the two competitors at their top shape, nothing can stop the clash of these two prime fighters on their upcoming match at MGM Grand Las Vegas Nevada at May 7, 2011, Pacquiao vs Mosley. The Pound for pound king would be defending his belt against a formidable Shane Mosley whom promises to shock everyone by knocking out Manny Pacquiao himself. Manny Pacquiao on the other hand knows very well that this won’t be an easy fight, he did everything he could just to make sure that he is well prepared, that he can withstand Mosley’s blows which are known to be powerful enough that it even made the defensive type Floyd Mayweather Jr. Go down during the second round of their previous fight.

Most people say that Shane Mosley is the underdog of this fight, but what they fail to see is that Shane has the physical advantages over Manny Pacquiao, he is bigger and has is more experienced. Having that in mind, Team Pacquiao has already made strategies which they think would ensure Manny’s victory against the much bigger adversary. Team Pacquiao’s Chief Trainer and Hall of Famer Freddie Roach said that the way to victory over the never before brought down Mosley is quite simple as to pummel him with number of blows as soon as the fight starts in order to wear him down. “I want Manny to box him and break his body down. While everybody has usually gone after Mosley’s chin, I want Manny to go for the body, break that body down and take his legs away from him”, as the famed trainer said during an interview at his Wild Card Gym in Hollywood. Roach also noted Shane’s good points and abilities which make him quite dangerous even for the pound for pound king “Shane has a strong chin and the plan is to stop him late in the fight with those body shots. We’ve been really concentrating on the body. That’s part of our game plan. Shane is a good boxer, good speed and uses a lot of techniques. He feints a lot, he gets you out of position, very clever and we just have to nullify that and take that away from him if we can.” Though Roach said that he has full faith on Manny Pacquiao, “I’m confident Manny will become that first person to knockout Mosley, It’ll be icing on the cake for Manny and prove that he’s truly the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.” Not to mention that the other self proclaimed pound-for-pound fighter Floyd Mayweather Jr. Failed to do so in their recent match, and Mosley managed to keep up until the 12th round of the fight.

Team Pacquiao whom knows that Shane Mosley has the bigger body over their ace had another trump card on their side, Conditioning Coach Alex Ariza whom was the person responsible for Manny Pacquiao’s successful climbs in different weight classes over the past years made Manny Pacquiao undergo another body transformation which will help him withstand Mosley’s power punches. It will also give Manny more power though it should always be tracked to ensure that it won’t slow Manny down in which he is quite well known for. “My fighter Manny Pacquiao is training as hard as he possibly can in the environment he will actually fight in. He is eating and building muscle every day.” Coach Ariza also said recently that Mosley’s high altitude training could be disadvantageous for himself. “By the time Shane Mosley steps in the ring, his body will already have become accustomed to the lower altitude. Shane’s body will automatically get used to the higher levels of oxygen that you breathe in the lower climates. There will be no benefit to what Shane tried to accomplish. All Shane Mosley did was sacrificed muscle, strength, and speed for no reason. Everything his body built in the areas of endurance up in Big Bear Mountain are now gone. The body has already adjusted back to its natural environment. It is not like Shane Mosley is sitting there with all this extra energy that he will be able to display for everyone in the ring.”

Alex Ariza also claims that training on high altitude as 5,000 meters above sea level can result to unwanted weight loss. “There is even a risk that the body’s immune system will become weakened, leading to an increased risk of infections and there may be adverse changes in the chemical make-up of the muscles. Additionally, the body cannot exercise as intensely. This results in reduced training intensity, which can reduce ones performance.”
Shane Mosley remains firm that he will show everyone that he still has what it takes, that he will end Manny Pacquiao’s 13 winning streak for over the past five years, that he will do the impossible, to knock out Manny Pacquiao. It has been traced that Shane Mosley really had the behaviour of setting a goal and then doing everything it takes to make that happen. He loves proving the odds wrong and having the last laugh for himself. He also has the superb determination to face up to anyone and challenge them for a fight. Shane Mosley despite all of these still believes in himself, and shows self confidence to the utmost state.

Manny Pacquiao on the other hand retained his humble and reserved behaviour towards any opponent he ever faced, “Sa lahat ng nagging laban ko, hindi ko inisip na manalo ng knockout, basta ako focus lang, gawin ang lahat ng magagawa ko para manalo. Yung knockout dumadating yun”(In all of my previous fights, I never aimed to win by a knockout. I just focus and give it everything I got in order to win. Knockouts come after that). “Mosley can still fight, he’s fast. He moves fast and this time he trained real hard for this fight. I know he’s really determined to shock the world.” But “I’m ready for anything, whatever his style in the ring, I’m ready for that.”

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