Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto Prediction

Pacquiao Manny will win on Round 10… – Roach

Although world-class trainer Freddie Roach readily admits that Miguel Cotto will be the most difficult fight to date for pound-for-pound champion Manny Pacquiao, his confidence in his star pupil remains unwavering. At yesterday’s press conference to kickoff the promotional tour, a fan shouted out to Roach, asking for his prediction for the fight. Without saying a word, Roach simply smiled and held up ten fingers, hinting that the bout would not go past the tenth round.

In previous interviews, Roach has offered nothing but praise for the Puerto Rican superstar, admitting that Cotto’s size and strength would likely prevent a knockout victory. “This is the hardest fight of our life. I believe that 100%. I don’t think we can win by knock out this time. I think we will win via a decision. This guy is a game, tough guy. He has already been in camp for three weeks. If he wins this fight everything bad that has happened in his career goes away. This is the fight of his life,” Roach stated as he spoke to Scott Dryden of

The fact that Roach suggested that the fight wouldn’t go the distance is a stark contrast to what he’s been saying thus far. Now that he’s reunited with Pacquiao after last speaking to him nearly four weeks ago, perhaps Roach is feeling more confident knowing that training will begin shortly. “We begin September 20th and that will give us eight weeks, which is our normal period of training. We’re already running in the mornings, but I don’t want to start too early. We always start eight weeks before and that’s what we will do,” Roach added.

With the promotional tour officially started, it appears that both Pacquiao and Roach are now on the same page as they begin to focus on the task at hand come November 14th. Having already predicted the outcome of Pacquiao’s fights with Ricky Hatton and Oscar De La Hoya, it will be truly amazing if another one of Roach’s predictions comes to fruition. If Pacquiao can stop Cotto in ten, he’ll leave little room for argument that he truly is the best pound-for-pound boxer on the planet

13 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto Prediction

  1. meguel cotto. knock out in seven round. coz manny pacquiao.
    is dangerous fighter now. he got speed. power. and good foot work.and most of all. he got strong stamina.

  2. Pacquiao will definitely destroy Miguel Cotto. Pacquiao has a footwork of a Soccer Player and an iron fist. Speed and power will be the factor in this fight and I strongly believe that Pacquiao will knock out Cotto on the 5th round.

  3. Manny Pacquiao is a truly Christian, a devoted Catholic, a good person, always helping the needy and the poor.
    The Holy spirit is always with him inside the ring. Defenitely
    he is going to win! his power and speed will prevail!

  4. i have high hopes for manny..but looking at cottos preparations, he is really going to give manny a hard fight…cotto is so focused and manny as of now started his preparations not good enough because of too many distractions. still manny is the best pound for pound but lets watch out for cotto..he will come prepared for this fight. Manny, where is your focus???

  5. miguel cotto is strong fighter but manny is stronger than him and much quiker.i bilieve manny he will finish he’s job in a second round tko victory.

  6. Cotto could NOT WIN against Pacquiao. Cotto will fight like Oscar De La Hoya (mostly defensive vs Pacman) against Pacquiao. Pacquiao will win most of the rounds and the aggressor on all of the rounds. Cotto will get knocked out after 7th round (8th or 9th). Another easy win/fight for Pacquiao.

  7. kaimbyerna kayo mga chorva
    talo si pacquiao chorva anung magagawa ng bilis sa lakas mag isip nga kayo mga chukchak chenes kayo

    edited by admin
    remarks: no squater please

  8. manny’s punching combination is like a speed bullet, spraying to his opponent, hopkins believe manny is the bruce lee of boxing,
    more power manny, i hope you will win,

  9. hopefully pacquiao mayweather fight will soon happen by 3rd or 4th qtr this 2010,
    40M dollar at stake. who’s figther will decline on that offer. if im in shoes either both figther i will accept on that.

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