Manny Pacquiao as the hero who can save the dying sport of Boxing

Various reports have shown that in the past few months views on websites that focus on boxing articles have declined quite rapidly, especially if they don’t have any fresh news about Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.This can be very alarming for those whom are true boxing enthusiasts, and for those who make out a living out of writing and promoting boxing fights all over the world.

During the past two years, the sport has eyed specifically on two of the biggest superstars in Boxing as of today, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather which became really controversial due to reasons that the later accused Manny Pacquiao of taking performance enhancing drugs and requires him to take a random drug test before they fight in which Manny Pacquiao insisted of not doing so. Manny Pacquiao’s camp retaliated to Mayweather’s alligations via the court of which Manny’s Camp won recently.
Still up to now there hasn’t been any clear gesture if the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather would really commence, but sure enough that it can be the last hope of saving the dying sport for it can generate a vast amount of publicity and not having this fight could really end boxing as we know it.

Aside from saving the Boxing Sport, this fight should really happen because it will seal the deal with these two primed fighters and it will prove who really is the best, and the one to be crowned the Pound-For-Pound King.

The promoters aren’t sitting idle and won’t give up on Boxing very easily as well, Top Ranks Bob Arum decided to use Manny Pacquiao’s fame in order to promote his fight with Juan Manuel Marquez. This will be the final battle for the trilogy between Pacquiao and Marquez which started as early as Manny’s career and became controversial because of how Manuel Marquez has been able to hurt Manny more than anyone else Manny ever faced. Bob Arum and Manny Pacquiao are to promote the Novermber fight which will start in August, Manny and him are to visit different countries that are known to be boxing likers such as United States, Mexico and our very own Philippines.

Meanwhile there has also been a battle for which company would be airing the said fight, HBO and Showtime the biggest pay per view rights holder have been doing everything in their might in order to secure a deal with Manny Pacquiao’s camp. Estimations of bids would not be lower than $15 million according to Top Rank’s CEO Bob Arum.
“Mark Kleka is pricing it out right now, but based on looking at it, it looks to me to be close to $15 million, but I won’t have an actual number until the end of the day as to what the real value is. These things have a value based on what they can be bought in the market place for. I know what Showtime’s numbers were last time, and they were over $10 million after Many priced it out. We’re dealing with CBS/Showtime together. Last time, we did it in the spring and this time, we’re in the fall, which is right in the heart of football. And CBS has all the big college football games on Saturdays, and CBS has a channel of college sports that runs the smaller games throughout the day, and they have Sunday football, those sports are extraordinarily expensive.”

Arum believes that he will be able to get the proposal from Time Warner/HBO shortly, and CBS/Showtime by next week.

“We will have the HBO/Time Warner proposal first, and go to CBS/Showtime to get their proposal, which we will have next week. This will be the most incredible marketing plan and publicity plan ever for an event int history.The estimate of the $15 million that is being analyzed by media experts as we speak. God knows what number this can be. We’re really excited on this one.”
“It’s unprecedented. CBS/Showtime has not been finalized yet, but with HBO/Time Warner coming in, I tell you that they’re making everything that came before look very small. We’re in the process now of making a decision within the next week. HBO blew us over last night with its proposal. We’re not dealing with the sports department. We’re dealing directly with the chief executives. I never believed that they would come up with anything like this.”

Manny Pacquiao as the National Hero of The Philippines

Surveys which conducted recently showed that three percent of the Filipinos believe that world boxing champion and congressman Manny Pacquiao is the country’s national hero, the said survey was conducted by one of the most accurate surveyor in the Philippines which is Pulse Asia.

The survey was conducted from May 21 – June 4, the most picked choices were Manny Pacquiao which came up at 2.8 percent and Dr. Jose Rizal the real national hero came at 81.9 percent. The respondents composed of 6 percent from Visayas region, 3.8 percent from Mindanao, 1.5 percent from Luzon and 0.7 percent from Metro Manila. The goal of this survey is to test the public awareness of every major region in the Philippines. The highest level of public awareness was got from Metro Manila which scaled at 95.7 percent and the slowest was from Visayas which scaled by 64.6 percent. This can be quite alarming because some of the Filipinos are no longer aware of how their community is or even not knowing their history, it wasn’t sure if it is because of lack of education of just a sign of the educational quality being diminished. I also watch a film that conducted a survey about Dr. Jose Rizal’s life which consisted of questions like what is his complete name, the name of his mother father and siblings, and to my disappointment even college students who have Rizal as a subject was not able to answer these questions correctly. This is very alarming to watch and quite disturbing too. Let us just hope that Manny Pacquiao as a Congressman can save the Philippines from the poor quality of education it has, and Let us also see if he can save the dying sport of Boxing too, because if he does then we can definitely call him a true hero.

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