Pacqiuao vs. Mosley, Who will reign in Speed and Strength?

Yesterday March 31 2011, Our Pound for Pound King continues his high altitude training and sparring with Shawn Porter and David Rodela. This two sparring mates Partner have given 4 rounds to show and mix up with Manny Pacqiuao. Shawn Porter gives his best and his targets to our Pound for P…ound King are his head and upper body, while David Rodela target are his upper and lower body. On the second day of sparring sessions, the two sparring mate partners leaves a marked with Manny Pacqiuao, at first Porter and Manny saw hurting each other, and Rodela gives and test Manny Pacqiuao speed on both hands and feet. Roach said that this sparring session will probably improve Manny Pacqiuao’s Speed, and his timing as well. He also wants to increase the rounds for the two sparring mates of Manny Pacqiuao before the high altitude training in Bagiuo City ends.Coach Alex Ariza said that this will help improves the endurance of our Pound for Pound king, because it is a big factor on the fight that is held at MGM Las Vegas Nevada on May 7. Roach said again that there is no baskelball rule, like they did before the fight to Antonio Margarito. And Since this is the last day of training exercise here in Philippines, they will be doing their training and sparring session right now at the Elorde Sports Complex boxing facility in Sucat Road in Paranaque City. And after that, Tomorrow morning will be their flight, and by Tomorrow night also, they are expecting to be on the land at Los Angeles. By Monday they probably start again his training and build up programs at Wild Card Gym, who’s another sparring mate Partners are waiting for Manny Pacqiuao. Those guys help Manny Pacqiuaos since in Bagiuo City Philippines. Manny Pacqiuao said that this coming week, is the most crucial stage of his preparations, and it’s going to be serious and focus.

In every professional boxer like Manny Pacqiuao, training is the most important, then yourself focus on the training, your willingness, perseverance and you love what you are doing and you’re happy for that even though it’s hard he is enjoying every single part of it. The Training of Manny “Pacman” Pacqiuao or “Our Pound for Pound King”, show that his Body will gain and improve his Speed and Strength. The Speed of Manny Pacqiuao right now is somehow good enough in just weeks of high altitude training in Baguio City. The Speed of his hands it’s not somehow on timing, and that’s bad for him, and its okay, because they are only on the 3rdweeks of training, and he can still improves and make it on timing, before the fight Pacqiuao vs. Mosley on May 7. The Strengths of Manny also shows on his training, punching a punch bag that is twice heavier than before, the shadow boxing also shows his speed and strength. If you watch the Training practice of Manny Pacqiuao on TV’s you can see and hear the hard his punches how fast that he punch and how long can he go for. This fight of Pacqiuao vs. Mosley will be entitled who will reigns the Speed and Strength.

On the side of Mosley, His practice is on Big Bear Camp. For Sugar Shane Mosley, Pacqiuao is the biggest fight he is wishing for. And every Boxer does. If we talk about the speed and strength of Mosley, we can say that it’s good enough for a 39 year old boxer turning 40. But even though on his age, he shows the world what boxing means for him. The speed of Mosley is probably quite good at his age,but the speed of Manny Pacqiuao. Strength of his punches is also there but not like before when he is young and holding a title. Unlike Manny Pacqiuao, his fighting skills, strategies, strengths, power and speed, are always there and for almost 6yrs of winning since 2005. Pacqiuao shows the perseverance to achieve more and more and to improve more and more and to fight who ever who wants to fight with him. The abilities are always there. And aside from boxing Manny Pacqiuao also plays basketball. Basketball is the sports that can show, what you got, for example the Speed and Strength we are talking about. Based on their divisions have. This proves that our Pound for Pound King pursue his best to aim and got what he have right now. Because of the Different training Session he encountered. His body and performance are tough insane. Every Practice and training turns to a victorious fight. If Manny Pacqiuao will make his hand timing on right time I think Mosley should be more prepared right now. The hooks and left hand of Manny can trigger to knockout him down. People talk about the different issues about the life of our “Pound for Pound King”. Some said that Manny Pacqiuoa’s Victories is not because of his training, it’s because he has the lucky charm or “anting anting” in Filipinos. Some said also it’s because of drugs or steroids, and some said it’s because of his training and perseverance, they don’t know why Manny Pacqiuao won in a fight, it is because he loves boxing and he put his heart mind on boxing. And in every end of his victories fight cannot forget to take a bow in the four corners of the ring, praising and thanking God.

We can only say who reigns in Speeds and Strength on May 7. This fight is going to be the most exciting and most awaited fight for this year. And it would be a great fight for Pacqiuao or for Shane Mosley? Is this fight is for Sugar Shane Mosley or Remains and still the WBO Pound for Pound King of all time Manny Pacman Pacqiuao? Just sit back, relax and enjoy watching Pacqiuao vs Mosley live online at the MGM Grand Las Vegas Nevada on the 7th day of May 2011.