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We are about to see the fight of the two great fighters in boxing history in just a day. Pacquiao vs. Bradley will clash at the center stage MGM Grand Las Vegas on June 9, and June 10 in manila time. The Pacquiao controversial win over Juan Manuel Marquez this past November left a bitter taste and negative vibes in boxing fans worldwide. This fight is about to call a match of the champions, we all know that Manny Pacquiao has dominates and fame himself this past 7 years and become the pound for pound king of boxing history, and he will fight in this undefeated champion Tim Bradley Jr. or what so called as “Dessert Storm”. This very young champion has proven the boxing world that he has the guts to face and fight Manny Pacquiao inside the ring, and that would be the reason why Pacquiao have to be careful with this young hunger boxing champ. Timothy Bradley can fight outside and at close range, he got solid technical skills, he knockout an opponent with a power punch and good combination, he fire jab, a very good body puncher, have good stamina and speed. And he is very difficult to hit in the face and he can recovers fast when he hit hard. Timothy Bradley has been labeled a “dirty fighter” for his tendency to come into exchanges forehead first. In his past fight has even used his head to cut his opponent. Pacquiao known as the boxing offensive fighter, he hits hard on the opponent, he can do a lot of combinations, he have the insane foot speed ,he got the counter right hook from southpaw stance that is too dangerous, he can give five or six punches together with the power and speed. Even though Tim Bradley is a dirty fighter, Pacquiao was able to see that before and he is looking for it, and he his coach Freddie Roach have some strategies and techniques for Bradley to be able not to hit by head of Tim Bradley. Every time Pacquiao steps on the ring you are about to see fireworks and you are waiting for a bunches of punches and you are promised to be entertained especially in his coming fight this weekend. The hall of fame trainer Freddie Roach is confident that Manny Pacquiao will look great this Saturday against Tim Bradley, feeling that Pacquiao will show him some firepower, but if Pacquiao doesn’t shine, Roach say he’ll advise the fighter to hang up the gloves. “Bradley’s no killer, but he tries hard,” Roach said, according to the Associated Press. “Manny should eat him up as he comes forward. I think Manny should look really good in this fight. “If he looks bad, he retires. At least I’ll tell him to. And he may be the first one who will listen to me.” Roach got the feeling that Pacquiao will be different fighter compare to his Third time fight with Juan Manuel Marquez last November. He said that Pacquiao determinations and trainings is more even good than before, it just like he is fighting again with De La Hoya. Pacquiao is very confident and happy in his hard training, sparring and a lot of strategies and planning in his coming fight. Though his Conditioning Coach Alex Ariza is off to his training because of he’s working with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Coach Freddie Roach said that even though Alex Ariza is not there on training, he doesn’t want his fighter to be affected on that situation. Ariza will not be in Pacquiao’s corner during his bout against Timothy Bradley is because Freddie Roach will not sign him up: “I said some things on 24/7 last night that Alex might not like. If he has something to say to me about it, he’ll say it. But I won’t let it affect my fighter, and I know what’s important here, and that’s the focus of Manny Pacquiao … Manny likes him and wants him on board, so that’s the way it is. Alex will be there until the fight, and once we get to the fight and I put down my four corner men, he won’t be on the list,” It seems there is a war between Ariza and Freddie Roach. Not having conditioning Coach Alex Ariza on Pacquiao’s corner doesn’t mean it is the end of the world for Pacquiao. He is somehow a big part of the team and it might do some damage to team Pacquiao. Hopefully it will not take effect on Pacquiao this coming Saturday Night.

Before we able to see that fight, there are ceremonies are about to see and some celebrities are there to support their boxing idols in boxing. Way back to Mayweather vs. Cotto, Mayweather entrance walk to the ring with Justine Bieber, 50 Cent, and Triple H. Pacquiao has frequently joined by the Black Eyed’s Peas and Jimi Jamison known as the voice behind Rocky III theme song “Eye of the Tiger”. The Top Rank Promotions has used Mexican bombshell Ines Sainz as a pre-show host, interviewing and reporting during pre-fight festivities. And before the Main Event fight, Top Rank Promotions will showcase some of the most dynamic fighters on their roster, some called it the front act or the appetite for the Main Event fight and they are Mike Jones, Jorge Arce, and Guillermo Rigondeaux have all been tapped to add spice to that night. The weighting bout is 147 pounds and Tim Bradley fought only once. And for some boxing analyst and boxing fans, if he does, he might not go for that speed and maybe he will lose a lot of air on his lungs because of his body weight and the hot of the fight. But for Bradley, he will be able to be on tip top toe shape on that night and will go for a knocking out Pacquiao in every round. For him winning Manny Pacquiao in a Knockout means a lot for him that is winning for him. Bradley is very confident that he will be able to cope up and mix punches against our Pound for Pound King, though he is good in saying that he can and he can knock out Pacquiao. Pacquiao have something very different Pacquiao on that night and that what Pacquiao are waiting for a long time. Fans and Boxing World need the entertainment, the intense and the suspense fight of Pacquiao inside the Ring, and it’s getting closer and closer every day. It is an honor for Bradley to face Pacquiao inside the ring and an Appetite for Pacquiao to dominates and show again who really Pacquiao inside the Ring.